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The Exe Valley Railway was a branch line in Devon built by the Great Western Railway.It was in constant use from 1884 until the line was closed to passengers on the 7th October 1963.

It ran for almost 25 miles through beautiful Devon countryside and is still a happy memory for those who were lucky enough to travel along this picturesque route.

Although the line has been dismantled,most of the line remains unbuilt on,a tantalising thought that leaves open the possibility,however small,of the track one day being relaid and once again people travelling by train this beautiful route.  

  Not particularly wanting to play Frogger on this busy dual carriageway,we walked back the way we came to our car.A short drive later through the before mentioned housing estate,we parked up and made our way to Bridge 2(or Brickhouse Bridge).This is the only other remaining bridge along this stretch and it is still in use as part of the road.

It also is totally filled in and it is quite hard to imagine trains going underneath it,as houses have been built at one end where trains once went.There are still little signs of the past though,like the bridge marking,rail track posts and along the stream the old fencing.

Surprisingly,if you look on a Google map of the area,the route of the line is still easy to see.We weren't sure what we would find here,but to our delight,the whole route of the line more or less,has been made into a footpath.I would like to imagine that the housing developers decided to keep the line for some sentimental reason or in my dreams that it could one day be rebuilt,but I imagine that it was simply to cut costs.Whatever the reason,it is still there and we set off eagerly looking for clues from the past.

Along the path we found many things rail related,including fence posts and an old gate that looked just like the ones we had seen at Dulverton Station.We also think we found the remains of the old aqueduct.The main point of interest though are the two drainge tunnels,which although mainly filled in,are still intact with their arches in good condition.While taking pictures of these arches,a lady asked us why we were taking pictures.When we told her that this used to be the railway,she was flabergasted and couldn't believe that they had got rid of the railway.

Like many Tivertonians,she expressed the ridiculousness of having to travel miles to Tiverton Parkway,if she wanted to catch the train.She also was eager to express her disgust at the local council,who instead of doing anything useful(like having a railway station in Tiverton),instead wasted money on stupid gorillas!

To me and Christine,the thing of interest was that even people who have lived locally for years,are unaware of their town's history and heritage.After this chat we then carried on walking down the long straight path until we reached where there used to be Bridge 3(or Cowleymoor Railway Bridge).

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News From Down the Line

newslogo44Every now and then when I talk to people and they hear of my interest in the Exe Valley Railway,they tell me little bits of information or recall an old memory.It always amazes me how even today,more than 50 years after it's closure,the fondness with which people remember the railway and how fresh the memories seem to be to them.

This little section of the website is to pass on to you these little "titbits" and any other small pieces of information that I have come across.

Dulverton 1intro




24/4/19These interesting pictures of Dulverton Station were sent in by Fred Gillard, who visited in about 1970 to take some pictures for a model railway project that he was building. The station buildings were bought by the Carnarvon Arms (now closed down) and used as staff and overflow guest accommodation,before being converted into residential housing. Thank you very much Fred for taking the time to share your pictures.




Memories of the EVR

If you have any memories of the Exe Valley Railway that you would like to share with us,please get in contact with me and maybe we could publish them on our website.Likewise,if you have any photographs or film related to the railway that you would like to share,please contact me.   

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