A Reader's Old Pictures

 On a Sunday afternoon,whilst being driven bonkers by my children,I received an email from Mr.Richard Holladay who informed me that he had some old pictures of the Exe Valley Railway and would I be interested in looking at them.These pictures were taken by him on his Box Brownie Camera,when he had journeyed from Exeter St.David's to Dulverton Station.

Of course I was more than just interested to see his pictures,I was almost drooling at the thought of it and after a brief exchange of emails,I got to see them.

 Richard has given his permission for me to use them on the website,so that everyone is able to see these unseen pictures.If anyone has any other pictures,please follow Richard's example and contact me,so we can share them with everybody.

 Richard wasn't quite sure where all the pictures were taken,so I have tried to fill in the blanks.When you click on each picture you will see a caption,if it has a question mark at the end,that means I'm fairly sure what the picture is of,but not certain.If anyone wants to correct me on any of the pictures,then again please contact me.

Finally,I would just like to say thank you once again to Richard for the pictures,they really made my day and I would like to inform everyone of his very interesting website www.exeterfoundry.org.uk.Please do go and have a look at it.

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Memories of the EVR

If you have any memories of the Exe Valley Railway that you would like to share with us,please get in contact with me and maybe we could publish them on our website.Likewise,if you have any photographs or film related to the railway that you would like to share,please contact me.   

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