What it Looks Like Today:   Dulverton Station to Morebath Junction Halt

    If you look on Google Earth,it is still very easy to trace the line between Dulverton Station and Morebath Junction Halt.Although this part of the line is technically the  Devon and Somerset Railway,to those that used it,it was also part of our Exe Valley Railway.The vast majority of this stretch is unbuilt on and more or less the same as it was all those years ago when trains ran along it,minus tracks of course.There are also several bridges of interest to be seen along the route.

So it was then,on a sunny Autumn day,that Christine and I set off for the strange and mysterious county of Somerset to investigate.As you all know,Dulverton Station is actually in the village of Brushford,some two miles away from Dulverton itself and it is here that we drove to and parked.


Obviously,you can not walk from the old station,as that is now a private home,but you are able to walk along the fields behind the station,past the old Carnarvon Arms Hotel and soon join up with the old line.Wellies are advised for the fields here,as it is often waterlogged and from my own experience I can tell you that "normal" shoes soon become soaked.After a short walk through the fields,we soon noticed to our right,the now familiar concrete fence posts and raised bank of where the line used to be.We climbed up onto the track bed and set off down the line.

 The section here is still clear and not really overgrown like many other sections and on a nice sunny day,is a very pleasant walk.There are many reminders of the old railway along the way,including the fencing,some old posts,ballast and even some wheels off what I think was a ganger's trolley. 

After a pleasant and scenic walk,you then come to what I have once again called,Bridge 1.If anyone knows what this bridge was actually called please let me know.

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