Nothing now remains of this bridge,but the road still goes where it used to go over the bridge.If you look on an old map,there used to be a large triangular embankment here.Why there was such a large cutting here I don't know,but it's certainly unusual,so there must have been a reason.Again no doubt to cut costs,this large embankment was never filled in and is still there,only now it has been reused and is the Tiverton Adventure Playground.

To rejoin the line,you have to walk around the adventure playground until you come to a cut through.At this point you will notice a rather hideous looking green metal construction,which I beleve is meant to stop cars and slow down everyone else.This rather sorry sight is where Bridge 4(or Watery Lane Bridge) was located.If you look back up towards the adventure playground from here,you can sort of imagine the line,but looking the other way as the line goes through gardens,it is alot harder to envisage.Rather sad really.

Detouring around the housing blocks here,you come to an open space where there is a skateboard/BMX park.The line used to cut right across this park,before curving right to meet up with Bridge 5(or Lowman Bridge).

The town of Tiverton takes its name from Twyfordton,meaning,"Two Ford Town" and was originally built between the two fords on the River Exe and the tributary of the Exe,the River Lowman.

There was once a rail bridge here,but that has been replaced by a concrete monstrosity now covered in graffiti.From here the line carries on down what is now the Eastern Distributor Road,until it reaches our final bridge,Bridge 6(Blundells Road Bridge). 

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