From here we rode back down the way we had come and took the road torwards Thorverton. If you have ever looked at old pictures of Thorverton Station, many of them seem to be from a view point looking down from above the station and one of my missions was to find this view point and see if a view of what remains of the station still exists.

 I never go on any venture unprepared and had already looked on Google Earth and discovered that there is a footpath to the top of a hill above the station, which I felt certain was from where these old pictures had been taken. We rode into Thorverton, past the station on our left and up to the footpath where we chained our bikes up and started the climb up the hill. The walk up the hill isn't too bad even for an unfit overweight git like myself and affords superb views out over Thorverton and the beautiful surrounding  Devon countryside.

 I came prepared with a print of one of these old photos and walked along the top fence trying to line it up, using the old mill where the siding used to run to as a guide. To my disappointment, the station is totally masked by trees that have been planted around the old station, but you can still make out where the line used to run.

Click on the buttons below to see what the view of Thorverton used to look like and what it looks like today. 

  • thorvertonstation960.jpg
  • thorvslide2.jpg

From here we returned down the hill and rode off back down to Thorverton Station. We stopped briefly to take a couple of pictures before turning right down Hulk Lane to continue our journey along the line. Shortly, down this lane you come to a lovely old bridge typical of the old Exe Valley Railway. A bit further along there is yet another lovely old bridge. After a short stay here and a bit more imagining of times long gone, we continued our cycle ride down the lane.

 The lane continues along the line for a while, but then the lane goes up hill while the line follows the Exe down below. After this the line is gone and we rode down the hill, before turning left following the signs for Brampford Speke. Knowing that there are river bridges or remains of along here and that Fortescue Crossing and other things were not far away, I found it difficult just to ride along the road ignoring these things, but I did, with the thought of a pie and a pint to block these other things out. We rode up into Brampford Speke and headed for a pub I had found on the internet for a bit of a rest.


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