I do not own in any way,any rights to any of the old pictures used on this site.I was not born when the railway was there,so unfortunately I was never able to take any pictures.I have trawled the internet and other places in order to obtain these images and in my opinion,I am using them in accordance with "Fair Use".This website is a non-profit website and is only meant to educate and interest it's users.

Having said that,I would have been more than happy to gain permission to use these images,if it was possible to contact the owners.For instance,on some websites where I have copied pictures,it stated that if you wanted to use these pictures,you should contact,"Joe Bloggs",but then there were no contact details,email address etc.So it was therefore impossible to contact the owner.

If you are the owner of any of these images and you really object to me using your pictures,please contact me to talk about it.

If you would like to use any of my pictures(my pictures are all the modern day ones) in a non-profit way,I am more than happy for you to do so.I would request only that you include a back link to this site.Likewise,I would be happy to also include a back link to your site if you contact me.


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Memories of the EVR

If you have any memories of the Exe Valley Railway that you would like to share with us,please get in contact with me and maybe we could publish them on our website.Likewise,if you have any photographs or film related to the railway that you would like to share,please contact me.   

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