Bampton station was opened in 1884 as part of the Tiverton & North Devon Railway.It had two platforms,as it was a passing place and a goods shed and signal box.A siding for the quarry works was added in the late Victorian times,so that the stone from the town's numerous quarries could be shipped nationwide.

The station was much used and much loved by the people of Bampton and even today,people still have a sense of sadness about its loss.When the railway was closed,the station buildings were demolished and the cutting was filled in.The platforms still exist,buried under what is now a car park.

1889 Map


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newslogo44Every now and then when I talk to people and they hear of my interest in the Exe Valley Railway,they tell me little bits of information or recall an old memory.It always amazes me how even today,more than 50 years after it's closure,the fondness with which people remember the railway and how fresh the memories seem to be to them.

This little section of the website is to pass on to you these little "titbits" and any other small pieces of information that I have come across.



26/8/16  If you have visited Tiverton recently,you have probably noticed that there are some Tivvy Bumper sculptures placed around the town.This is Tiverton Museum's,"All Aboard" sulpture trail.There are 21 to find and 4 stamps to collect.This seemed like something my youngest two would find fun,so we set off one day to find them all.I had hoped to find them all in one go,but for various reasons it took us four attempts,but we did find them all in the end,as you can see in the pictures.


Memories of the EVR

If you have any memories of the Exe Valley Railway that you would like to share with us,please get in contact with me and maybe we could publish them on our website.Likewise,if you have any photographs or film related to the railway that you would like to share,please contact me.   

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